We are passionate for unique home and office interior design. It is deeply rooted in the love and passion for what we do.

Art of combination

We love audacious combinations. Old & modern. Colors. Materials quality. And a lot more...

Team of professionals

We are a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the filed of interior design and we can get you through a complete interior design either for residential or commercial projects.

We listen to our clients

We  always listen to our clients so asto be able to respond competently and effectively to their needs, while maintaining a service quality that meets their expectations.

If you want an efficient prefect and a great interior design for your home or your office, take advantage of our experience. Contact us.

How to contact us?


114 rue du Rhône | 1204 Geneva


phone : +41 22 786 80 00 | fax : +41 22 786 32 22